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Euro-fences and fences made of profiled sheets

Еврозаборы в Симферополе
Finished objects:



The company «Crimea roofing» is also engaged in production of euro-fences.

We offer euro-fences with reinforced armature (thickness of armature is 8 mm) made of concrete (brand 400) by using cement D0-500. Euro-fences have rugged construction, perfect exterior and excellent protective characteristics.

The panels from which the fence is constructed have different forms, sizes and textures. Our assortment consists of 70 kinds of panels.

It is possible to make a designer's artwork by combining different variants. Besides, the fences could be supplemented by other materials like stone, metal, brick and wood.

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Guarantee:  10 years
Effective life: 25 years
The service of measurer is  free of charge
Our experts will help you to select the best form of euro-fence panels and also they will answer to all your questions.
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Забор из профнастила в Симферополе
Finished objects:

Fences made of profiled sheets

The profiled sheets are popular and not expensive materials for construction of fences and roofs. They are also facing and roofing sheets made of galvanized steel with polymer covering (their thickness are thickness 0, 35–0, 65 mm). Depending on a scope these materials (galvanized or with polymer covering) could be used for fences, roofs or facades of a building.

Color palette
Our experts will answer to all your questions.
Call Us: +7 (978) 708-80-03; +7(978) 708-80-04

Everyone tries to spend minimum time and means on building of a house or a cottage. But the quality issue remains primary. Every private house requires protections and that’s why the euro-fences are so popular today in Crimea. Their installation is easy and requires less time than construction of simple fences. These kinds of fences are set up as construction sets and that means that there is no need to trench and to pour foundation.
The people who buy euro-fences in Simferopol are often interested why the prices for euro-fences are so different. And they ask every company the same question: What are the prices of euro-fences in Simferopol?
Our manufacture company surely declares that our prices are democratic because we are company-manufacturer. That’s why our prices are acceptable and many people purchase our construction materials. You can see on our website the prices of euro-fences in rubles which are established in June of the previous year.

We work on the result and you should only call and order the service of measurer which is absolutely free of charge. Also you can order the online service of expert on our official website. The cooperation with us means continuous exploitation of fences. We give 10 years guarantee. If you search installation and prices of euro-fences in Simferopol then contact with our company «Crimea roofing», we are glad to every client.

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