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Skylights are able to transform even the most uncomfortable room in your house to a lightly and comfortable place.

The modern construction market offers a great amount of modern materials like gutter systems, socle sidings and others. Each of them could make every construction more technological, beautiful and prolong their serviceable life.


In favor of such a choice we can adduce at least 3 reasoned arguments:


  • More light. These elements provide penetration of light on 30-40% more in comparison with vertical designs. Also you could install them almost in every place of the roof and lighten even the hallways;
  • Optimization of interior. The usage of such constructions will let you to empty the walls for placing there furniture. As far as skylights opens with the help of top handle you can set the writing-table and dresser directly under them;
  • Easy installation. This construction could be installed faster and easier than traditional dormers which require manufacturing of special constructions. The installation of dormers is more risky than the installation of skylights because the skylights are produced in industrial conditions and are ready for installation. It refers to every product including additional elements of the roof.

Fences in Simferopol

The gate is a reliable construction, which has its roots in the distant past. It is this construction that hides smallholding or territory of private house from excessive attention of passersby. It is also a facade and worthy border for a cottage. Our company «Crimea roofing» offers fences in wide assortment in Simferopol.

We manufacture fences from profiled sheets and other materials. So, if there is a need to buy a fence in Simferopol then contact with us. The most popular fence is considered the fence made of profiled metal with embossed texture.
Many fences in Simferopol are made of qualitative profiled sheets. The prices of such fences directly depends on the material of witch they are made. In turn the company «Crimea roofing» is responsible for quality of manufacturing profiled sheets and completely controls that process.

You can see and compare the prices on our website or specify them by calling on the pointed out phone numbers. We are ready to answer on every question including the questions about the prices of euro-fences in Crimea. We are manufacturer Company and that’s why our prices in this sphere are the most acceptable. If you have problems with buying a euro-fence in Crimea we are always glad to help you on its solvation. You can buy euro-fence of perfect quality in Simferopol only by contacting with the company «Crimea roofing».

Attic stairs

There is not always a possibility to set a fixed ladder, that’s why folding products like attic stairs are used so often. They are very compact, functional and easy-to-work. They are stored in the ceiling in folded form and that lets you to save space.

Features of attic stairs FAKRO

  • Functionality
  • Durability
  • Compactness
  • Usability
  • Easy mounting
  • Peculiar design

The metallic stair LST   has a "scissor" system of folding, the same as the stair LSF. Also the stair LST is equipped with power-saving and thermo-insulating white hatch cover. Around the perimeter of hatch cover a loop seal is installed. This loop seal provides high degree of imperviousness. Due to the "scissor" folding system the stair is very compact when it is folded and as a result has a small size of hatch cover. The side elements of this stair are made in form of letter "S". These elements give to the stair a modern view and could be used as hand-rails. The recommended height of installation is 260-280 cm.

The attic stair LDK is manufactured from pine of best quality and completed by warmed hatch cover. The hatch cover is faced by white fiberboard which made it almost imperceptible in white or light celling. This stair is a construction which consists of 2 sections. The first section is fixed on the hatch cover. The second section goes vertically down on metal fixers.

The attic stair LWК Komfortis manufactured from pine of best quality. It is also completed by warmed hatch cover (the thickness of warmed hatch cover is – 36mm) and faced white fiberboard which made it almost imperceptible in white or light celling. It consists of 3-4 sections.

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