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Metal tiles in Simferopol and Crimea

You’re in the middle of constructing a house? You need to buy urgently metal tiles in Simferopol or in other cities of Crimea? Then contact with the manufacture company «Crimea roofing». We have a great number of roof materials, gutter systems, euro-fences. Also you can order a service of mounting of metal tiles. As a rule many people try to complete a part of construction works by themselves but it is better to entrust them to experts. The materials for roof and fence must be correctly selected and calculated by master. This is the guarantee of quality and long maintenance. You can buy metal tiles in Simferopol by the most acceptable prices only in company «Crimea roofing» because we are direct manufacturers and we sell products without mediators. Specify the prices on our website or by contacting with our experts. You need metal tiles in Sevastopol? Our manufacturing workshop is situated in the capital of the peninsula. If you want to buy construction materials in Sevastopol you should contact with our managers. We are ready to cooperate with all the companies and individuals which need qualitative construction materials. If you are interested in buying metal tiles you can see the prices on our website.

We updated our website!

We attentively treat all our clients and that’s why we could not ignore the internet, a place where people even more often apply for information.

We made for you the most beautiful and comfortable informative website of the company «Crimea roofing».

Now you can get all the information of our company activities.

We will be glad to see you on our website as you could find there a lot of useful and cognitive information.

New manufacturing line

The metal tile « Cascade» is one of the most modern kinds of metal tiles. Special geometric shape creates unusual visual effect which reminds a chocolate bar. The «Cascade» metal tile joins well and has sufficient rigidity.

The advantages of material:
* Perfect technical indicators of longitudinal and transverse rigidity.
* Easy mounting and profitability
* Small weight of sheets
* Small coefficient of overlapping which decreases the material consumption.

Today we are the only manufacturer of metal tile «Cascade» in Crimea.

Gates, wickets

None of plots or private houses could exist without a gate and a wicket. Herewith gates and wickets should suit to all the requirements of reliability, durability and longevity. Also their price should be acceptable according to their characteristics.

Our company is engaged not only in manufacturing of products. We are ready to do all the work cycle from measurement to supplying and mounting of wickets and gates. On the manufacturing of products modern technologies are applied and that’s why the manufactured product conforms to all international technical requirements. But as distinct from products of foreign manufacturers our products cost much cheaper.

For clients who make orders we present structural drawings of future gates in which the wishes of clients are considered. The operations of supplying and installation are carried out in advance stipulate terms. As a result the client receives qualitative products at acceptable price and in shortest time.

Being engaged in manufacturing of different kinds of garage gates we are ready to offer welded and forged reinforced metal gates, wickets, fences or other protections. As for the price list, the prices could vary from economical to more expensive kinds.

Our expert in measurements comes to the plot before the performance of all the works on designing and manufacturing. After all the measurements we coordinate with the client the amount of products, materials and choose the type of gates-opening. The order goes on production only after the signing of coordinated drawings. We provide guarantee of quality for all the finished works. That’s why all our clients could be sure that if they contact with our experts they will get perfect products which are made on modern equipment and of excellent materials.

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