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10 manufacturing lines

on production metal tiles and profiled sheets.

Characteristics :
Max length of sheet: 12 meters
Min length of sheet: 0,5 meters
Thickness of metal: 0,35 – 0, 65 mm

We Provide:

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The best prices and special terms of payment

Wide assortment of products and accessories.

Samples of products and promotional materials.

The model range is represented by 3 collections:

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Monterrey™ (Монтеррей)

Cascade™ (Каскад)

Adamante™ (Адамант)

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Dune ™

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Roofing, facade and for fences

Height of profile: 8,10,20,25,35,40,60 mm

The company « Crimea roofing » is also engaged in production of euro-fences.

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More than 70 kinds of forms.

The service of measurer is free of charge.

Manufacturing products

  • Metal tiles
  • Profiled sheets
  • Accessories
  • Fences
  • Gates
  • CD & UD profiles

Metal tiles

The model range is represented by 3 collections:

Dune ™

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Roofing, facade and for fences

Height of profile: 8, 10, 20, 25, 35, 40, 60 mm.

Length of sheet: 0,5 - 12 meters

Thickness of metal: 0,35 - 0,65 mm

Type of covering: galvanized and galvanized with polymeric covering

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Fences and euro-fences

Production, selling, installation.

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Gates and wickets

Wide range of models.


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CD and UD profiles for plasterboard

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Еврозаборы в Симферополе
Finished objects:

Gates and wickets

Our company manufactures not only qualitative products but it is also ready to do the entire work cycle from the measurement to the delivery and mounting of new gates and wickets. We use modern technologies on manufacturing of products, that’s why the finished products correspond to all the international specifications.

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We manufacture and sell: 
  • Sliding gates
  • Swing gates
  • Wickets
  • Automation for sliding and swinging gates
Our experts will help you to select the best model of gate or wicket and answer to all your questions.
Call Us: +7 (978) 806-46-16; +7(978) 708-80-04

How can one make the right choice among the huge variety of gates? The manufacture company «Crimea roofing » is ready to render all the complex of services from the arrival of measurer to the delivery of gates, metal tiles and other construction materials. By walking on the streets of Crimea one can see sliding, swinging or other gates. Our company manufactures and sells the called types of gates at low prices, after all «Crimea roofing» produces construction materials without contracting officers.
If you need to buy gates you can contact with us. We manufacture the products qualitatively, professionally and according to all the international requirements. It is not a problem to buy gates in Crimea; the main thing is to define their type and price. We offer a great amount of gates for country cottages, garages, private houses and cottages. The gates have particular importance from ancient times. The bigger the gates are the more you fill safety in your private territory, that’s why it is important to make the right and reliable choice. The gates are also an important part of the entire fence. It is the gates that are real architectural decoration of a house. If you need to buy gates in Simferopol then contact with our reliable company «Crimea roofing»! 


Today the using of attics and skylights are getting more popular. The skylight FAKRO lets you to transform your attic to a living accommodation by providing of good lighting. They also can change the modes of airing by regulation of microclimate, humidity and inflow of fresh air.

The windows FAKRO are reliable and durable due to selected pine woods of high quality which are impregnated with antiseptic in vacuum chamber and stuck together by layers. The woods are covered with 2-3 layers of acrylic varnish which are based on water.
Due to the tempered glass and good system of construction fastening (which called topSafe) the windows FAKRO are the only windows at the market which have the III safety class of the whole window with double-glazed windows according to standard EN 13049.

The guarantee of quality for wooden windows is 10 years. For plastic windows the factory gives a lifetime guarantee!


Pivot windows

With combined system of opening

With raised steering axis of shutter

- the steering axis of shutter is situated in the center of window box;

- equipped with an automatic ventilation valve;

- combines two opening methods: pivot and suspended;

- equipped with an automatic ventilation valve;

- the steering axis of shutter is situated in the center of window box;

- equipped with an automatic ventilation valve;

Plastic with pivot opening

Plastic with combined system of opening


- the steering axis of shutter is situated in the center of window box;

- manufactured from multi chamber PVC profile of white color;

- equipped with an automatic ventilation valve;

- combines two methods of opening: pivot and suspended; 

- manufactured from multi chamber PVC profile of white color;

- equipped with an automatic ventilation valve;ом

- double casement window the upper casement of which can be opened independently from lower;;

- when opening the lower casement an additional space is formed and the window transforms into a balcony;

For installation in groups


 Personal orders

- are intend for installation in group with a standard skylight;

- are intended for an output      on a roof;

- could serve as element of emergency exit

- Skylights of non-standard forms and sizes


Our experts will answer to your questions.
Call Us: +7 (978) 806-46-16; +7(978) 708-80-04

Attic stairs

The wooden attic stairs FAKRO are folded constructions which consist of 3 or 4 sections. The wooden elements are manufactured from pine prepared in winter and that provides their durability and reliability.

In folded view the stair is like a set which you can keep in the celling. The lock which is built-in hatches cover provides reliable protection from unauthorized penetration into the attic.

All the attic stairs FAKRO are completed with warmed hatch cover which is very important for using in Russian climate. The steps have skid grooves which provide safe walking. The connection of steps and side elements to a fastening « dovetail » guarantees steadiness of all the construction.

Our experts will answer to your questions.
Call Us: +7 (978) 806-46-16; +7(978) 708-80-04
Профнастил купить в Симферополе
Finished objects:

Round ridges

The round ridge closes the line of joint of profiled sheets on the roof crest. Metal tile comes under this profile on 5 cm to make all the water drain off and not get into the under-roof space.

The round ridge is ideally suited with metal tiles, profiled sheets and rebated roofs. They are manufactured with the same color as your roof covering (according to the directory RAL).

Metal in development : 417х2000 mm 


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Color palette
Our experts will answer to all your questions.
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Murol Gutter systems

Murol is  a complex system for creating drainage systems of any complexity on a pitched roof. All the accompanying elements are strictly corresponding to each other and create a united and finished mechanism. That’s why our gutter system won’t require from you high qualification, unreasonable powers and long hours of work.

The Murol gutter system has an aesthetic and modern appearance which gives a harmonious view to every building. Murol means elegance of form and color in every decision.

We guarantee that the gutter system PVH will serve you for 50 years. During all the time of serving the gutter systems will retain their functional characteristics and they won’t require special care.

The company Murol imposes high requirements to raw materials and to raw additives from which the gutter system is manufactured. The mix consists of modifiers which provide shock resistance, color fastness and resistance against atmospheric action.

The installation of gutter system of any difficulty becomes clearer and easier with the help of universal elements of the Murol system:

Universal edge outlet of gutter

Universal central outlet of gutter

Universal end cap of gutter

Universal corner of gutter

Universal elbow of pipe connection

The reliability of fastening at installation of gutter system to eaves is provided by using metallic arm or arm made of durable plastic. The fastening assembly of gutter in arms provides its strong and reliable fixing.





Our experts will answer to all your questions.
Call Us: +7 (978) 806-46-16; +7(978) 708-80-04

The manufacture company «Crimea roofing» offers to clients (who build and renovate country houses, cottages and other buildings) gutter systems of its own production in wide assortment. We offer a variety of gutter systems the prices of which are pointed on our website. Creating of drainage system of any difficulty is a complex system of Murol which has finished esthetic view that matches with every building. Murol can brag about its excellent qualitative characteristics which include shock resistance and color fastness and that is regardless of region. The polymeric gutter systems will serve you for 50 years if you keep to all the production characteristics. The price of gutter systems completely depends on their type. Our company offers also the gutter system Vinylon which is famous by its small weight and high resistance to loadings. Bryza is another kind of gutter system which is developed according to the world standards of quality. The company «Crimea roofing» offers all services including the installation of gutter system. We are glad to help all the organizations and individuals.

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There is a need to buy metal tiles in Crimea? The company «Crimea roofing» is glad to offer a variety of construction materials from manufacturer and at affordable prices. We can surely say that «Crimea roofing» is a real factory of roof materials located in peninsula because only we produce a great amount of metal tiles, roof and other materials. The model number of products is represented by 3 collections.

The first and the most popular is the Monterrey metal tile. This kind of profile rightly takes the leading positions. After all it is Monterrey that has excellent characteristics, perfect quality and the greatest prevalence.

The second collection has an original name and that is Adamante. This kind of metal tile has an attractive and unusual design.

Very often the chosen tone of metal tiles sets the tone to the whole building. And the third collection is called Cascade. This type of roof is high-qualitative and it is performed in traditional form. It could be of moderate hardness or durable. The preliminary preparation of the surface is made in several stages and that means that the quality and characteristics of this product are in the highest level. Are you interested in the price of metal tiles in Simferopol? Then download the price list of our products. Also you can specify the price from our experts.

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